What is

Yggdrasil White Label Studios offers brands and operators to build their own slots with the knowledge and resources of Yggdrasil.

What does it cost?

Yggdrasil White Label Studios is a fully customizable service so we cannot give you the exact price before knowing what you need. The minimum contract is for three years and the final cost will depend on the amount of games you want to release per year. Be sure to contact us for more specific information.

& Answers

  • What technical competence do I need to have in-house?

    Basically none – Yggdrasil White Label Studios (YWLS) builds the game clients, provides the remote game servers and programmers and translators, performs testing, deals with certificates etc. You also get access to our back-office tool Boost which gives you everything necessary to easily setup your campaigns in the future.

  • How many games can we do per year?

    Theoretically there is no limit to the number of games and the sizes of games we produce together.

  • What are the restrictions to the contents and themes of games?

    There are no actual restrictions – we are open to all ideas but always help out with our professional guidance. All of the themes and content of the games we make together need to be agreed on by both YWLP and the licensee.

  • Who does the IP of the games belong to?

    Software of the game is the intellectual property of YWLP, configuration and any element produced by the licensee belongs to the licensee.

  • Can you also help with porting or upgrading already existing games?

    We are open to all business ventures regarding online games. Contact us and we’ll talk it over.

  • What technology do we use?

    Yggdrasil’s gaming platforms use the latest proven technologies to maximize player experience – these same technologies will be used for the YWLP games.

  • What do we need to go ahead?

    YWLP is an extension service we provide to our license partners – contact us to us ask for more information about the terms and scope of our partnership.


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